Me in my natural element!

Me in my natural element!

I’m an author. So are you. And like you, I want to be making money from my books. Maybe even a living.

Being a rational type, I’m doing tons of research on how to accomplish that, and on this website, I’ll be distilling what I’ve learned into what I hope will be a comprehensive and effective plan from getting from Aspiring Writer to Published Professional.

I’m inviting you to come along for the journey: meaning that when I translate a bunch of research and Other People’s Opinions into action, you’ll be looking over my shoulder. You’ll see how I implement, and learn with me whether it works or not. And if it doesn’t work, you’ll think through with me the whys and wherefores and, most importantly, what to try next.

I’ll be sharing all this through my blog,  my newsletter, and eventually a few books. I hope you’ll find it all very helpful. I also hope you’ll give back by sharing your own experiences and opinions with the Author Business Hub community!

That way, together, we’ll make steady progress toward our goals.

Best regards,