What to Tweet?

Twitter Content GuideHaving content to Tweet about is never a problem when you remember the 75/25 rule for social media: share other people’s stuff 75% of the time and your own content only 25% of the time. Besides creating good social media karma, following this rule means that 75% of the content in your Twitter feed is being created for you. That leaves just 25% for you to worry about – and since you have a blog – right? – no problem!

Keep in mind the three goals of Tweeting for authors: finding new readers, nurturing relationships with allies and nurturing your existing fan base. You can read more about them in a previous post, Twitter for Authors – Worth It?

Twitter for Authors: Worth it?

To Tweet or Not To TweetThere is an ongoing debate about this in the author communities, but here’s my take:


Twitter can be a very valuable social media tool for building your author platform IF your Tweets are focused on the right goals.

Is what they’re saying about Amazon true or just a Hachette job?

Amazon a bully?

Amazon a bully?


Everything I had read before today on the Amazon vs. Hachette I had mostly dismissed because it all seemed to fall somewhere on the spectrum between hype and hysteria. Amazon the Bully. Amazon the death of traditional publishing. Amazon the Underhanded. And did I mention one-sided as well?

And so I was delighted to read David Gaughram’s post   “Amazon vs. Hachette: Don’t Believe the Hype.” He debunks some of the hype, then goes on to put things in context.