Managing your list

Address book


Effective list management in the 21st century involves quite a few tasks:

  • Ensuring that people on your list really want to be there
  • Handling new subscriber signups and existing subscriber cancellations
  • Sending confirming emails for each change in a subscriber’s status
  • Sending a series of stock emails to new subscribers
  • Sending newsletters on a schedule
  • Tracking statistics for your email campaigns (ongoing and one-time)

Email Marketing for Authors: Introduction

Email icon with text

For authors, an email list can be the most productive part of their author platform, and one that’s often neglected in favor of chasing Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Unfortunately, this is completely backwards.

The trouble with social media fans and followers

Relying on the fans and followers approach to stay in touch with your readers has two major shortcomings: (a) these third parties own your lists, and (b) they control your access to your readers to varying degrees.